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Tuesday Noon - 9 pm Open Workshop
Wednesday 12 pm - 3 pm Silver Classes and Silver Workshop
Thursday 4 pm - 9 pm Open Workshop
Saturday 10 am - 4 pm Open Workshop
Sunday 11 am - 4 pm Open Workshop

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Informal instruction in silversmithing, cabochon making and faceting is offered in our club workshop weekly for our members and visitors alike.
See the latest newsletter for updated hours and special class opportunities.
The shop is well equipped with both machinery and hand tools, and beginners need not bring anything to get started - but students should, of course, begin assembling their own tool kits and safety gear as they go along. 
Whether you want to learn a new skill or simply polish an old one, our instructors are always ready to help.

All members and visitors must observe the Parma Lapidary Club Code of Conduct while present in the workshop

Belt Changing at the Parma Lapidary Club


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